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Treating the fabric of your business with professional care.

At Green Innovation Asia Pacific, we have been taking care of the dirty stuff for laundries of the hospitality, leisure, food and beverage, spa and healthcare industries for more than a decade. Our experience gives us an intimate understanding of laundry requirements for cleaning soiled linens, clothing, uniforms and fabric items to maximize your investment. Combined with our chemical expertise, we confidently provide the laundry results you demand.

Green Innovation Asia Pacific features a complete line of professional product formulations, state-of-the-art dispensing equipment and application programs tailored to the washing process in commercial laundries, dry-cleaners, and your establishment’s on-premise, professional laundry. Our products are also designed to be compatible with the advanced tunnel washer systems to deliver exceptional laundry results on the big scale.

Computerized Dispensing System

Our state-of-the-art computerized dispensing system can be programmed to provide the exact dosage of chemical to meet your specific needs. The resulting consistency prevents wasteful overdosing or costly under-cleaning and rewashing. With our computerized dosing system, human error and physical contact is minimized, leading to improved safety for your staff and guests.

Laundry Products

Liquid Range

  • ACTION: Low temperature liquid emulsifier able to remove oil and grease from cotton and polyester.
  • AVENGER L: Low temperature alkaline booster.
  • SEARCH L: Liquid detergent for all soiled articles.
  • OZONIA L: Liquid oxygen bleach for delicate whites and fast colors.
  • SOFTI L: Liquid softener and conditioner for all material types.
  • SENTRY L: Liquid souring agent. Neutralizes alkaline carryover.

Powder Range

  • LAUNTEX M: 100% active, economical laundry detergent ideal for lightly soiled guest laundry.
  • POWAC: Heavy-duty detergent formulated to remove stains from highly soiled polyester and synthetic items.
  • SEARCH: Free flowing, low temperature detergent suitable for all linen classifications.
  • OZONIA: Oxygen release bleach for both colored and white linens.
  • SOFTI (Gel): Fabric softener and conditioner for all material types.
  • SENTRY: Laundry souring agent. Neutralizes alkaline carryover.

Ancillary products

  • SAFEWAY: A safe alkaline, organic chlorine bleach designed to work under any water condition.
  • PASS: Acid bleach. A dry non-phosphate organic chlorine product. Excellent stain remover.
  • ANTI-CHLOR: Specially formulated to remove residual chlorine.
  • TOUCH: Instantly soluble, non-streaking pre-cooked starch.
  • FERRI-GO: Liquid rust removing compound.
  • PRO-ZYME: An enzyme catalyzed detergent for removal of difficult stains such as blood, milk, egg yolk and spa herbal applications.
  • MARK-IT: Laundry marker ink solvent.
  • C2 CLEAN: A uniquely designed liquid formula that removes stains found on shirt collars and cuffs

* We also supply a wide range of Laundry Accessories and Parts.

Our Service Policy

Green Innovation Asia Pacific is committed to providing your luxury property with the best service and supplies. All of our products, services, systems and solutions are supported by:

  • Training programs in both product knowledge and cleaning applications
  • Regular sanitation and cost control audits
  • 24 hour customer service and technical assistance

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