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Whether in a hotel, resort or hospital, the housekeeping department is required to work with quiet speed and efficiency to maintain a clean, inviting and anti-bacterial environment. From the room to the lobby, from the ceiling to the floor, every minute detail is expected to be spic-and-span to welcome guests at anytime.

For this, Green Innovation Asia Pacific has an extensive range of professional cleaning products aimed at improving housekeeping work cycles, efficiency and performance. Our products are suited for different surface finishes such as fabric, carpet, polished wood, glass, ceramic tiles, marbles and many more. In fact, for every cleaning requirement, our products are more than suitable to the task.

The efficacy of our products reduces man-hours spent and prolongs the lifespan of cleaning equipment as well as that of the surfaces. This translates into optimum cleanliness achieved in a shorter time, at the lowest possible cost.

Housekeeping Products

Floor Care

  • Fortress: Base coat for all floorings; marble, terrazzo, vinyl and concrete, etc. Makes floors easier to maintain due to its even, non-porous finish.
  • Hi-Light: Will remarkably improve the appearance and longevity of your floor finish by providing a film coating that is difficult to match in clarity, gloss, flexibility and durability.
  • Super Hi-Light: A totally unique high solid floor polish. Requires fewer coats and fewer stripping cycles. High clarity and gloss.
  • S-Gloss: Designed to be powder free, with maximum durability and an impressive "wet look" buffed gloss. "Gloss" ensures outstanding results with high speed buffers (1000 rpm).
  • Up-Grade: Thermoplastic floor restorer. Maintains shine and gloss of floor finish.
  • Hi-Strip: Water-based solvent stripper incorporating special wetting agents and hydroxyl solvents. Hi-Strip is non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Mosaic Kleen: Heavy stain remover for mosaic and non-porous flooring.

Ancillary Cleaners and Detergents

  • Liquid
    • Care: Neutral, non-ionic multi-purpose detergent. Able to clean floors, bath tubs, sinks and walls.
    • Lather: "Dry foam" formula ensures removal of embedded soil and normal traffic stains while minimizing wetting of fabric and carpet.
    • X-Tract: Non-foaming carpet shampoo designed for use with modern shampoo, vacuum carpet cleaning equipment. Contains built-in corrosion inhibitors.
    • Peneol: Industrial strength pine disinfectant. For use in toilets, urinals, sinks, drains and at recommended dilutions for floors, walls and hard surfaces.
    • Bowl-Cide: Liquid stabilized chloro-acid cleaner formulated to destroy organisms, eliminate odor and restore sparkling cleanliness.
    • Fresh: Applicable for use as a liquid air freshener using misting or spray applicator equipment.
    • Vision: Fast-acting glass surface cleaner. Non-streaking, fast drying. Ideal for glass partitions, windows, mirrors and television screens, etc.
    • Gentle: Anti-Bacterial hand-soap. Kind to the hands but hard on germs.
    • Caress: Body and hand-soap developed for use in sports locker-rooms and public shower areas.
  • Powder
    • Bowl-San: A powder equivalent to Bowl-Cide.
    • Deorin: Developed for public toilet areas to remove uric acid build-up and deodorize the environment.
    • Zulu: Soft abrasive cleaner formulated to remove stains and black algae in baths, pools and other similar areas that have glossy metal or porcelain surfaces.

Our Service Policy

Green Innovation Asia Pacific is committed to providing your luxury property with the best service and supplies. All of our products, services, systems and solutions are supported by:

  • Training programs in both product knowledge and cleaning applications
  • Regular sanitation and cost control audits
  • 24 hour customer service and technical assistance

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